CIA - Caught In the Act

Re - Birth of a Band

Once apon a time Woken Wicky Weber was tried of playing acoustic music and wanted to ROCK again. So he called Bada Bing and they started jamming again. After many garage band sessions, we came to realize that we needed to bring in some other ROCKERS to help shape the sound.

Pete and Mark joined soon after and it just felt right. They added the power and vocals to the mix.

Since Wicky already had T-Shrts, we decided to resurrect the name CIA - and thus CAUGHT IN THE ACT was re-born.

C.I.A. 's members are musicians with combined experience of over 100 years playing. We are mature professional musicians who know how to run a gig. We will get your bar hopping and can handle any thing that is thrown at us. And believe me we have had many things thrown at us in our time.

Richard T. (Wocken Wicky) Weber
Vocals & Guitar

Picked up roommates guitar in college and have been playing ever since. Self taught by playing here and there, open mics, benefits, parties and such.

Joined first band, Ground Zero, for a Vietnam Vets benefit, benefit over- band over.

Joined the One and Only True Blues Band for benefit, benefit over-band over. Joined Private Drive for wedding, wedding over-band over!

Played with Classic Rock band Deadline ( who hasn't ) for a while and then moved on to a 3 piece acoustic guitar/harmony trio Broke, Down and Busted for a couple of years.

Semi-retired for a while till I fell into utter KAOS, which eventually morphed into Caught In the Act, version #1!
After many numerous  lineups of Caught In the Act, the Band had run its course and decided to go seperate ways.
So again, took a break from the music scene.

While jamming at a barbeque with a couple of other friends, it was commented that we sounded good together and should take it out to the clubs, so we did!! This endeavor became In Spite of Ourselves and we played together for a few years till that also ran its course.

Have been hosting Open Mikes and picking up solo and fill in gigs here and there until "The Bing" and I starting talking about putting something together again, since we were both free and always enjoyed playing with each other.

Searched around and luckily found Mark Eagan, CIA's new drummer, then called a talented old buddy, Pete Prieto and found him available also!!!! Seemed it was meant to be and so here we are.... Caught In the Act rides again!!!

Mark Egan
drums, lead & back-up vocals


Born in West Paterson, NJ, Mark began playing drums and taking lessons at 6. After high school he joined the celebrated Hawthorne Cabalerros Drum & Bugle Corp for five years.

He went on to playing the Atlantic City lounge circuit with Essence, a trio, for six years, then switched to rock with different bands including the heavy metal band,  Detonator, and now EIGHT DAYS OF BLUES. Influences: Carl Palmer, Charlie Watts

Peter Prieto
Lead Guitar / Vocals

Elliott Kayne
Bass / Vocals

Born in Brooklyn NY (You got a problem wit dat?)

Started playing classical Tuba in High School & College, was accepted as an ALL CITY first seat. Played Carnegie Hall, the Met, and various city wide concerts. Was in Jazz band, Classical Brass Ensembles, Dixieland Band, Orchestra, and Broadway Show Bands. Played every type of music from Bach, Handel and Gershwin.

Decided to play guitar because the girls didn't go for tuba players. Spend several years playing avant-gaurde Jazz in NYC lofts, as well as Country, Blues, Rock, and Wedding Music. Self taught guitar, bass, and piano, songwriter, midi composer, graphic artist, programmer, entrepreneur, husband and father.

Moved to the woods, looked for people to jam with, met Rick, Lou, Lara and Jamie at open mike jams. We became CIA. Living happily ever after.

U4EA Music Productions, (see ) played weddings, casinos, events, for the last 5 years, then was performing Solo and Duo acoustic music.

Songwriting: See for originals.

Playing Bass in Sue and the Blind and the all new CIA

Life Philosophy: Health, Wealth, Family, Fun!

Honorary Members
Richard (Muda Trucker) Peck - Bass
Jim (Computer Doc) Emery - Bass
Hal (Fish-man) Kalin - Drums
Jamin Jamie Smith - Drums
(Steady) Freddy Paschal: Drums



Click to Hear Rick and Lou in Broke Down and Busted their previous band.

It's our vocals that sets us apart from the rest. We have a unique blend of voices, that offers a wide range of music. From Janis Joplin to Joe Cocker, from Creed to Credence.

Together C-I-A. creates a tight rock sound, that will get your crowd up and keep them up.

We have Fun
We are doing this for fun! The enjoyment of playing the music we love. If we happen to make others happy in the process (and make a few bucks for us) we are happy.